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Guide to APN settings manual configuration for New Zealand

For all users

APN names, user names and passwords are case sensitive. Please make sure they are entered in the correct upper case and lower case letters. For example, when setting APN for Spark APN should be entered exactly as internet although it could be entered as INTERNET or Internet.

For most of the settings pages we have provided alternative settings to try if the main settings provided in the article did not work. Therefore please check the bottom area of the page to check if alternative settings are provided. If so there should be a header usually named as Spark further settings to try for BLU Studio G3. Click on the boxes under this heading to retrieve the alternative settings.

Make sure you have selected the correct phone modal. If not go to home page and choose the correct phone modal. If your phone modal is not listed, you can always select setting by your OS version:
Firefox OS
Nokia 3310
Windows Phone

Restart the phone after saving configuration.

For Android users

The field APN Type cannot contain spaces. There are 3 types of settings in the articles. (Type 1: Internet,Type 2: Internet and MMS, Type 3: MMS).
If you are setting up Type 1 setting, try changing the value for APN Type field between default,supl and blank.
If you are setting up Type 2 setting, try changing the value for APN Type field between default,supl,mms and blank.
Some Android devices will not let the user to type APN Type but to select from the values such as Internet, Internet+MMS and MMS. In such case please do select the APN Type appropriately with respect to Type 1 to 3 configurations.

If you do not have Access Point Names in Settings then your carrier has blocked it. You must contact the phone seller to get instructions to unblock that.

For some networks faster data transfer speeds can be obtained by removing Proxy and Port values.

If you are unable to connect anyway try selecting different Authentication Type values.

Try selecting different APN Protocol values.

Try selecting different Bearer values. (For most networks this should be set as Unspecified)

Make sure to enable Mobile data in settings.

Make sure to select a faster Preferred network type in Mobile network settings. (Usually available in Settings / More / Mobile networks / Proffered network type). LTE or WCDMA are faster than GSM.

Make sure you have activated the new APN in the APNs list.

For iPhone users

If you have to enter a Proxy Port for MMS, please note iPhones do not have a field to enter that. In such case you need to enter it to the MMS Proxy field followed by a colon (:) after MMS Proxy value. (Ex: when MMS Proxy is and MMS Port is 8080, enter to MMS Proxy field)

If you are unable to connect anyway try selecting different Authentication Type values.

Make sure to turn on Cellular Data in settings.

For Windows Phone users

Try selecting different Authentication Type values. (For some Windows versions this field is provided as Type of sign-in info.)

In MMSC (URL) we have specified it as http://SiteAddress:PORT/path. Some phone modals do not support this way. Then enter http://SiteAddress/path as MMSC (URL) and PORT as MMSC port separately.

Try selecting different IP Types.

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